Start Noveling Like You Know What You’re Doing

PDF ebook: 45 pages
Language: English
Price: $4.99

Want to write a novel? Don’t let your inner voice tell you that it’s not possible. Writing novels has never been more possible. And it’s not rocket science, whatever your English teacher may have told you. In this book, you will learn what you need to know to make you sound like know what you’re doing, leading to more readers and hopefully more sales. You will get an easy-to-follow crash course on:

  • Deciding on a genre
  • Implementing proper structure (This is one of the most important parts!)
  • Why plots are important and why you shouldn’t be afraid of them
  • How to develop characters, even when you don’t feel like it
  • Cleaning up your manuscript and the magic this will have on your success as a novelist/writer

These five quick steps are all you need in order to look like a professional novelist.

Don’t tell yourself you can’t start noveling. It’s a lot like playing a musical instrument. It only feels embarrassing or impractical, but when you do it with confidence, your friends (and future readers) will extremely enjoy it. It’s all about staying on key by honing in on the five points I just mentioned: genre, structure, plot, characters, and cleaning up your manuscript.

This ebook will unpack all of these for you and give you the traction you need to move forward. It provides tons of information but does so in a relatively short amount of space, so you can read, learn and quickly go hammer out your novel, which is the whole point anyway.